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To this day, Meissen remains a major center for the earthy art, while Dresden is best known as the place where Meissen porcelain is decorated, often within an inch of its life.

One of the most popular early subjects of Dresden and Meissen figures was Italian commedia dell'arte, whose colorfully costumed actors were the perfect foils for the meticulous treatment they would receive at the hands of their German decorators.

Many antique collectors, as well as designers, are seeking these items for their artistic and aesthetic qualities, using items such as beautifully aged carved panels or a Japanese tansu to create cultural sophistication and warmth.

We don't sell Japanese antiques, but have a wealth of information and guides to collecting Japanese collectibles and antiques that will help in your selection.

A traditional Japanese antique screen becomes a backdrop to more modern textures and furniture shapes, giving the decor a sophisticated look, but with a new and fresh approach.

This new Asian look in the Americas is achieved by incorporating every day Japanese antiques, such as garden stools, antique Japanese vase or pots, vintage Japanese lanterns, or perhaps a Japanese bamboo ladder among the western styled interiors.

Japanese antiques have long been admired and revered by antique collectors throughout the world, and the Japanese influence in design and craftsmanship can be seen in antiques across all continents.

Antique Central covers all areas of Japanese antique collecting including Japanese furniture, antique Japanese porcelain and pottery, Japanese screens, as well as collectible Japanese swords and armour, Japanese collectible dolls and toys, and other decorative items with a few notes on Japanese textiles and rugs.

We think you'll find our prices appeal to a wide range of budgets.The practice of depicting characters from history, people from our daily lives, and a veritable Noah’s Ark of animals in miniaturized porcelain began in the West in 1710, when a Dresden alchemist named Johann Friedrich Böttger finally figured out the formula for hard-paste porcelain equal to that produced in Asia.At the time, Böttger had already established a faience (glazed earthenware) factory in Dresden, so he located his porcelain works in Meissen, just down the Elbe River.Scroll through as we present a few examples of antique china by Noritake, showing the range of decoration used, the forms and the associated Noritake China marks on the piece.The above and below examples are taken from the antique-marks collection and we regularly buy and sell Noritake china, particularly examples from the 1920s and the Art Deco Period.

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Another, of course, is the exquisite beauty, artistry and craft of Asian antiques.