Dating a rich older man updating classic american bungalows

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Next, obviously, came the observation that Nigora was a “gold digger”, buttressed by the fact she is from Uzbekestan, prompting scores of lame “mail-order bride” jokes, with a common one being “Duncan Bannatyne & his new Ukrainian girlfriend remind me of someone…” posted next to a picture of Alan Partridge with his Ukrainian girlfriend Sonja.

Curiously, again, these comments were mostly from men in their 20s and 30s who perhaps couldn’t accept that their good looks and youth had been trumped by Bannatyne’s wealth and charisma.

Schofield took the first gaping open goal, paraphrasing the now-infamous Mrs Merton question, "What first attracted you to the multi-millionaire Duncan Bannatyne?

” Hundreds of detractors – curiously, they were mostly young men – followed.

Would you have sex with a man just to stay in his pocket?

Now in her twenties, the bubbly blonde says she has dated regular blokes “for the diversity” but keeps on returning to rich men.

His affluent lifestyle calls for a confident woman with intelligence and charm.

As a man of self-made success, he wants the best return on his investment in business and in love.

It can be tough when you and your older partner can’t share childhood commonalities (dude’s never read a book!?

), but the benefits can certainly outweigh those little things.

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She's more than just a pretty face: she’s confident, charismatic, and also intelligent.

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