Dating a depressed man

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Dating a depressed man

This sometimes makes small issues transform into big stressors.

Again, it’s important to be patient with partners who suffer from depression.

Try making someone else's life better rather than making your own life a bed of roses. When it comes to dating a person like that, i would say why not?It wasn’t because we were a good couple — we weren’t actually well-matched and I felt lonely more often than not — but I learned a lot about the way I love. Watching someone you care about go through pain and not being able to fix it is arduous. It’s good to put others first now and then, but I taught myself that I rarely do, and it’s something that can be detrimental to well-being, self-esteem and how you view yourself. I choose to hold onto things that no longer make me happy out of fear of making someone else’s situation worse.Having a partner with depression made me realize that I possess a level of patience and understanding I didn’t know I had. Perpetually looking at things as if holding on just a little bit longer will change reality is not only bad for both parties, but a waste of both your time. I cared for him deeply, but being mismatched made it hard for me to give the relationship my all.I spent the better part of five years dating someone with depression and it changed me.It wasn’t always easy, but it was actually a pretty good relationship while it lasted.

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Some things that are additional perks for you might be the fundamental needs of another person. If you think that dating someone with depression would drag you down into a depression black hole as well, you are absolutely wrong. You have to know that you have to pull your partner out of the depression by building up their confidence, making them happy, making them realize that every cloud always has a silver lining.